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zzz aaa
Jun 21, 2022
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There are 5 steps to define the data embedding point and the handover of the data embedding point: Sorting out data requirements - Whatsapp Database defining data indicators - burying points (arranging parameters included in Whatsapp Database the burying points) - document output - burying points acceptance The first two steps have been described in detail in the above "How to do the preparatory work of data analysis" , and will not be repeated in this article. This article mainly succinctly organizes the methods of burying points and the content of document output, and I hope you can fully absorb Whatsapp Database it. Buried point A buried point needs to transmit a large number of user Whatsapp Database parameters (user data/behavior data/scene data, etc.), so why transmit these data? Are you going to transfer that data? Then we need to define our products. Definition: The Whatsapp Database purpose of burying points is to collect as complete as possible behavioral data that can reflect user usage scenarios Whatsapp Database and real needs. Method: 4W1H (who\when\where\what\how) - Method from a recent data course. A user accomplishes a specific thing in a certain time + a certain place in a certain way.
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zzz aaa

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