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Omar Faruk
Jul 16, 2022
In General Discussions
By taking advantage of batch processing, Eric can spend the same amount of time creating new content while growing a whole new channel. It takes advantage of the concept of content diversity . Content diversity, also known as circular virality, is a strategic diversion of existing content across different channels. Click to tweet By taking the same part of the content effort and spreading it throughout as many channels as you can, the agency can go even more with your content. please think about it. By recording just one episode ghost mannequin effect of the podcast on tape, Eric can: Release a podcast video Turn your podcast into multiple blogs Join clips from that video with other videos to create a montage on a particular topic. Release podcast audio on all podcast platforms + Spotify & SoundCloud Get part of your blog or main topic and add it to your email automation sequence And again and again. learn more: How to Build a Facebook Chatbot Marketing Funnel How to Build a Social Media Marketing Conversion Funnel How to Guide Customers Through the Marketing Funnel Using Interactive Content How to create a marketing funnel to generate sales (templates included) Turn leads into prospects with MOFU content MOFU: Evergreen email sequences, ads, inbound opportunities 3 So putting your brand in front of someone is one thing, but giving them your email address or answering the phone is another.
 Same Part of the Content Ghost Mannequin Effect content media
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Omar Faruk

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