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Shormila Shormi
Jul 30, 2022
In General Discussions
The dazzling transcript of the 6.18 mid-year promotion revealed the huge energy released by the consumer market. But when we are immersed in the joy of "long live consumption", let's think carefully: what will be left to the people after the outbreak of the national consumption enthusiasm? The joy of receiving express delivery? Pride in trying to keep up with new trends? No, all that is left for consumers are huge and accumulating bills. In the scene of the frenetic consumerism atmosphere, 6.18 is just a mirror. The A side that users phone number list look directly at is the consumer group immersed in the bottomless consumption pit, and the back of the mirror is the industry reality of consumer finance. We can say that Long Live Consumption directly leads to Long Live Consumer Finance . So let's talk about how to build consumer credit contacts for target users in multiple consumption scenarios? Thus extending users from consumption scenarios to consumer finance scenarios? What is consumer finance? Before talking about consumer finance, let's clarify a concept - what is Internet finance? Internet finance is a new type of business model for traditional financial institutions and Internet companies to use Internet technology and information and communication technology to realize financing, payment, investment and information intermediary services. It includes crowdfunding, financial information intermediary, big data finance, digital currency, P2P online lending, third-party payment and consumer finance. In other words, consumer finance is only a subset of Internet finance, and its essence can be divided into three parts: consumption, finance, and scenarios.
How to build consumer finance touchpoints for target users in multiple. content media
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Shormila Shormi

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