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sumaiya zahan
Jul 28, 2022
In General Discussions
You may not be a loyal user of Douyin, but when the melodies of the above "Douyin Divine Comedies" appear, you may also humming unconsciously. Just like "Little Apple" and "Jiangnan Style" back then, you may not like them, but you can't resist them being played in a loop on major online platforms, shopping malls, restaurants, and even the square where aunts dance. Remember the fear of being dominated by "Little Apple"? "Douyin Divine Comedy" has even become a sub-category of popular music, occupying the top of the charts of major music platforms, and more and more musicians are using short video platforms as a new channel for publicity. In the past ten years, we have bid farewell to the era of buying albums and ushered in subscription-based streaming music. Now the short video platform will bring new changes to singing musicians and us who listen to songs. From China to the world, more phone number list and more popular songs are popular from Douyin Open the charts of the mainstream music platforms in China, and you can clearly see the influence of short video platforms like Douyin on popular music. QQ Music, Kugou Music, and NetEase Cloud Music are the top three platforms in China's streaming music market by monthly active users, accounting for more than half of the market share. Among the top 10 hot songs on these three platforms, nearly half of the songs are Because Douyin became popular. Among them, Xue Zhiqian's "Puppet Man", Jiao Maiqi's "My Name", Chen Xuening's "Your Tavern Closed to Me", and more than two music platforms' top 10 songs at the same time, and these few The popular path of the song is basically the same: first swipe the screen with a short video BGM of more. Although he won the second place in "Happy Boys", he can only be regarded as an unknown newcomer in the pop music world. The turning point came in April last year, when Jiao Maiqi used Douyin as the launch platform for his new song "My Name", which was very rare in the music industry in the past. At the same time, singer Chen Li and good sister, who belong to the same agent as Jiao Maiqi, also promoted the song through a short video created twice on Douyin. "My Name" was launched on Douyin less than a month after its launch. Used by 230,000 people. The popularity of "My Name" accumulated on Douyin soon spread to major music platforms. Users who were planted on Douyin began to turn to music platforms to listen to the full version. than ten seconds on Douyin, and then spread to the mainstream music platforms. Take Jiao Maiqi as an example.
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sumaiya zahan

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